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CTS and Complementary Courses


Aboriginal Studies 10, 20 and 30

These courses enhance the understanding of the diverse Aboriginal cutlures within Alberta, Canada and the world. The goal of Aboriginal Studies is to shift thinking, understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal people, the issues and challenges they face, and the contributions they have made to society. Students will examine how Aboriginal peoples are striving toward maintaining and promoting cultures and identities that reflect values based on respect for the laws of nature and a continual pursuit of balance among individuals, the family unit, the larger community and golabal community context.  The term 'Aboriginal' referes First Nations, Metis and Inuit. 

Forensic Science 25 and 35

These courses explore the principles of crime scene analysis and real crime cases

 General Psychology 20

This course covers several topics including: history of psychological schools of thought; principles of learning and how to learn effeciently; process of thinking and conflict; emotional disorders; behavour disorders and career investigation. 

Personal Psychology 20

This course covers several topics including: introduction to psychology; personality and personality theories; intellilgence; heredity and biological influences and perception. 



CTS courses are one credit modules.  Course completion requirements are one module and one final exam.  All CTS modules are aimed at developing competencies which students must demonstrate in order to be awarded the credits.  As students progress from the introductory to the advanced modules, they will learn how to take responsibility for their own learning. 

The CTS program is designed to develop technology related skills that students can apply in their daily lives now and in the future. Many of these skills are needed for success in the workplace and in post-secondary studies.  In all CTS courses students become aware of career possibilities related to the techologies they are studying.  They will also learn about post-secondary opportunities in their area of interest.  Each course is one module in length and is worth one credit. 

Career Transitions (CTR)

Job Preparation                                             CTR 1010

Career Directions - Expansion                       CTR 2310

Career Transitions: Preparing for Change       CTR 3010

Career Transitions: Career Directions             CTR 3310


 Health Care Servies (HCS)

Workplace Safety Systems                             HCS 3000

Workplace Safety Practices                             HCS 3010

Reproduction and Readiness for Parenting       HCS 3050

Pregnancy, Birth and Infant Care                    HCS 3060

Advances in Medical Technology                      HCS 3150


Human Support Services (HSS)

Health Services Foundation                                HSS 1010

Nutrition and Wellness                                        HSS 1020

Developing Maturity and Independence               HSS 1040

Perspectives on Interpersonal Relationships         HSS 3020