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Learning Stores

Edmonton Public School District’s four Learning Stores are the centre of its Outreach Programs.  Our Learning Stores provide an educational alternative for students who, due to individual circumstances, find that the traditional High School setting does not meet their needs. Our Learning Stores allow our students to access resources that improve their ability to succeed academically and socially. 

Edmonton Public Schools Outreach Programs serve High School students, primarily students in grades 11 and 12, at four different Learning Store locations.  These are:


  1. Learning Store at Blue Quill (south)
    284 Saddleback Rd. NW
    Ph. 780.413.0263

  2. Learning Store at Northgate (north – west, central and east)
    #2014 Northgate Centre
    9499 137 Ave. NW
    Ph. 780.457.3467

  3. Learning Store West Edmonton (west)
    9532 163 St. NW
    Ph. 780.443.8072

  4. Learning Store on Whyte (central)
    10007 82 Ave. NW
    Ph. 780.437.8119

We organize our programs to fit the different life styles and learning styles of students who are returning to school, who enjoy working independently, who are employed,  who are ‘upgrading’ their course marks or just need flexibility in their schedules.   Students work on individualized courses and are also encouraged to participate in our work experience programs which are a key component of each of our Learning Stores. 

Courses at the Learning Stores can be started at any time, provided that there is enough time in the school year to complete them. Courses consist of a series of modules and it is expected that at least one module will be completed on a weekly basis. Students are also expected to attend a minimum of ten hours a week and are required to write their learning evaluations (e.g. quizzes, tests and exams) at the Learning Store.

Staff members believe students do well when they are challenged in a supportive and encouraging environment. Our goal is to help all students achieve their potential by maintaining high educational standards and nurturing excellent citizenship within a secure and safe environment.  As such, staff members provide strong mentorship to students and assist them in setting realistic and achievable goals in their learning and career aspirations.